Autumn in Acadia

Autumn in Acadia

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finishing what we started....

With winter still having a firm grasp on Maine, I decide to complete as much construction as possible to the 2nd floor.  It has been a couple years and now, more than ever, we need the room!
The sun comes out to play now and again, but Mr. Gustsalot seems to push me and my trusty hiking buddy, Ernie, back inside to lay in wait until he raises the windchill above 5 degrees. 
However, the pellet stove is kickin' it with the new brand of FireSide pellet (9000 BTU+ output !!!), so I can open the door to the upstairs and work on finishing the baby's room.

As u can see from the photo, a fine stack of unfinished red oak hardwook awaits my knee and nail-gun in the coming weeks. 
This week the sheetrock will be installed, taped and mudded.  Paint will be applied promptly thereafter and then the flooring will wear me down to a skinny man.

And as for Old Man Winter....well...he can be as Wintery as he wants to be.  I mean, he created a luge in my driveway! (The vehicles are huddled together to promote maximum meltage from the sun, which remove about 1 inch of ice....2 to go.  A sand/salt mix was also applied to speed the arctic tundra melt from my front yard.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods :)

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