Autumn in Acadia

Autumn in Acadia

Friday, March 18, 2011


Old Man Winter has taken he last breath and is finally letting some warmer temps cruise in.  We topped out at 50 degrees today...the first time since October.  Icebergs are still floating in the pond, but the my yard is now the majority instead of the three-foot snow wall that outlined our walk-way.

OLD MAN WINTER has taken a vacation at the beach until next year and he couldn't have left soon enough.  Even the hardcore snow/cold temp lovers were starting to complain about the length of this winter.

So, until OMW's credit card is maxed-out or he has had too many pina coladas, Ernie and I will enjoy the clear paths to hike on and the green grass to play fetch on.  We'll soak in the sun, frolic through the forest, and eat BBQ until this beach bum returns.

Hope all is well in whatever neck of the woods you are in.
Happy, happy spring everyone!!!

- Shawn and Ernie