Autumn in Acadia

Autumn in Acadia

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ernie cools off in Frenchman Bay.

Ernie cools off after a hot 4th of July.

Ernie loves his rock-hopping, even if there in the water.

Fourth of July

Here we is summer already in Maine!!!  Doesn't seem to take long after the snow has disappeared to become hot and filled with tourists. It is has a been a while since I have blogged, so here it is....   The last time you heard from us we were up to our ears in snow and couldn't quite stand the sight of it anymore. 
Well, since then it has not been all that hot of a spring/summer.  We've reached only in the 80's twice and rain has been very plentiful indeed.  So, much so that all of our trees and grasses (not lawn grass) have grown anywhere from 3" to 10" taller than last year at this time.  But with all the rain and cooler temps...Ardrianna and I have been able to finish a MONSTEROUS project!!!

With our new baby on the way, more room was needed.

So...we added a nursery :)

And some owls added to the fine decor.....

The finished product has resulted in a very nice space that we may start our family...complete with hardwood floors that took the most time to get just right.

I can't believe that just a few months ago the upstairs looked like this!!!!

Finished bath with 18x18 tiles and one awesome hot shower.

With only days to go before my daughter arrives into our lives, we have successfully done what some thought an impossible task to undertake with virtually no time to waste. Every weekend, spare moment, and evening went into finishing this house to provide our baby with the best start possible.  We have taken some huge risks in the past and gambled on whether things would work out, and some how they always have.  Thanks for all the support from all our family and friends down South....because in Maine...everyone is south of us. 
 Later Y'all